Troubled by alcohol?

If alcohol is causing problems in your life or the life of a loved one, we can help!

Personal Interventions is a unique service for those who want to be free from the ravages of alcohol but who don’t want to be committed to the stigma and considerable expense of a long period in a commercial rehab clinic.

A bespoke Personal Intervention in the privacy of your own home can give you hope and provide a lasting solution.

Personal Interventions are for men and women who want to get well as quickly as possible, while carrying-on as normal a life as possible.

Who we are

As recovery experts and former problem drinkers ourselves, each with many years of good, solid recovery, we truly understand the considerable challenges facing those who want to build a new life, free from the ravages of alcohol.

We have helped re-build countless shattered lives, restored families and enabled those affected by problem drinking to face the future with new-found confidence and optimism.

Everyone at Personal Interventions has been there; we’re passionate and professional about recovery.

We offer one-to-one expertise and experience in all facets of recovery and alcohol rehabilitation.

Your own personal intervention

Every person we help is unique - with their circumstances and drinking problems particular to them. That is why your own Personal Intervention will be bespoke to your needs, to ensure maximum effectiveness and earliest progress.

The service offers complete discretion and total confidentiality. Because we work one-to-one with you in the privacy of your home (or another location of your choice), nobody other than those you choose to tell, will need to know. Friends, extended family, employers, colleagues, neighbours - all can be left unaware, if that’s what you wish.

Whatever help and support you need to overcome your drinking problem can be included in your own Personal Intervention – including detox, if required.

What about the family?

Be assured - the person with whom you will be working understands, from their own experience, that in the battle with alcohol it’s not just the drinker who suffers – family, friends, colleagues and employers can all pay the dreadful price of problem drinking.

Though recovery for the problem drinker can bring relief to all, we can also provide specialist support for the affected family.

Corporate colleagues

The effects of alcohol misuse can cause serious problems in the workplace. If a member of your team needs help, call us now. Our service is discreet, confidential and effective.

We will help to minimise impacts on your business, get your valued colleague back to health and into solid work more quickly – and we could offer your organisation significant financial savings over treatments offered by private, residential psychiatric hospitals.


Payment is straightforward and fees are quoted upfront in writing.

Payment is straight forward. Fees are hourly based and are quoted upfront in writing. Any external disbursements, scheduled in a particular phase, will be quoted and charged in advance of each phase.

Printed invoices and receipts will be issued for all transactions.

It is likely that the total cost of your own bespoke Personal Intervention could be substantially lower than that incurred for similar treatment in a leading commercial rehab facility.

Take the first step to a new life

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